The 4 Week Natural

28 Days of Live Immersive PUA Training
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How would you like to be part of OUR personal entourage for one full month?

As many of you know, for the past ten years I’ve traveled all around the world picking up hundreds of beautiful women, and teaching thousands of clients like you to do the same.

I now FINALLY have the opportunity to teach the program that I’ve always wanted to: a four-week complete mind-altering immersion extravaganza covering EVERYTHING and ANYTHING related to lifestyle, image, nutrition, fashion, leadership, influence, inner harmony, and of course the main focus… picking up chicks. I’m inviting YOU to come experience this program first-hand with me in your local city.

We’ll go romping around the city, hitting the best clubs, showing gorgeous women a great time, and you’ll learn a hell of a lot and have an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Here’s what WE’RE offering you


Your 24/7 Access

You will be able to contact me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the entire program. I’ll never be far away, and we’ll be going out to the same venues.

Get my private mobile number.

Available 24/7 for any question.

I’m never far away at any time.

We’ll go out to the same venues.

8 Infield Sessions

You will get a minimum of 8 sessions out in the field with me as your direct coach and wing, with your choice of daygame or nightgame.

Equivalent of 2½ “bootcamps”.

New “Drills and Diagnosis” format.

Schedule at your convenience.

3:1 Ratio: Lowest in the industry.

Private Consultation

You will be able to voice any questions you have about your interactions, girls you’re seeing, and go over issues that are unique to you and get them handled.

Private in-office consultations.

All of your questions answered.

One-on-one drill exercises.

Advice for each girl you’re seeing.

Personalized Curriculum

You will receive a personalized curriculum and action plan tailor-fit to your specific goals, life situation, and strengths and weaknesses.

Learn what will help you the most.

Cut out “one-size-fits-all” advice.

Handle your sticking points.

Full accountability to me.


All Video Content

You will have access to videos or any video programs that I have previously released for you to learn and study from as part of your curriculum.

Access all vintage videos.

On-demand program screenings.

In-person video breakdowns.

Real-life video applications shown.

Personal Attention

You will get special attention, consideration, and focus from me. We will build a close, one-on-one relationship that wouldn’t be possible with a shorter program.

Your individual needs addressed.

Close mentor/student focus.

One-on-one time and attention.

Small and specialized program.

Analysis & Feedback

You and I will be looking over your progress step-by-step throughout the program, and exposing what sticking points you need to specifically focus and work on.

Analysis of your progress

Direct, applicable feedback.

Exposition of your blind spots.

“No Excuses” goal approach.

Phone, Text, & Date Game

You will learn about phone, text, date, and social media game, as well as get ongoing advice and strategies for the girls you meet through this part of the program.

Know exactly what to text back.

Set up and structure dates.

Facebook/Tinder game overview.

How to blend online and real-life.

And now for the REALLY cool parts


You will get an outlined health, workout, and nutrition game plan customized to you and designed to help you attain the look that you’d like to be able to achieve with your physique.


You will be given ongoing fashion consultation to help you build your particular style. We will go over hair, attire, grooming, and general visual aesthetics to perfect your look.


You will choose an artistic skill to pursue during the month, or explore a wide range of artistic endeavors to discover a new passion and tap into your creative energies.


You will have the responsibility of contributing towards a worthwhile charity of your choosing that resonates with your values and the people that you want to contribute and “give back” to.

Your Graduation Party

Before we part ways, we’ll all go out and have the time of our lives to celebrate your “graduation” from the program. It’s only fitting to end a month you’ll never forget, with a night that you’ll never forget.

Your Final Report

At the end of the program, you will get a special final report evaluating the progress you made, your achievements and breakthroughs, and a plan of future implementation to work on once you get home.


(Upcoming 4-Week-Long Immersion Programs)


Sydney, Australia (2018)

Coach: RYAN

(w/Alex for 7 Days)

Friday, Jan 19th –
Wednesday, Feb 14th


Austin, Texas, U.S.A. (2018)

Coach: RYAN

(w/Alex for 7 Days)

Thursday, April 5th –
Thursday, May 3rd


Helsinki, Finland (2018)

Coach: RYAN

(w/Alex for 7 Days)

June 2018
(Exact Dates TBA)


Munich, Germany (2018)


(w/Alex for 7 Days)

Thursday, June 14th –
Thursday, July 12th


Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. (2018)

Coach: Luca

(w/Alex for 7 Days)

Thursday, July 5th –
Thursday, Aug 2nd


Hvar, Croatia (2018)

Coach: RYAN

(w/Alex for 7 Days)

August 2018
(Exact Dates TBA)



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